Koishikawa's goodness (2018)

Koishikawa's goodness (2018) (From school management seat etc 

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Traditional school events run by students

 ・29th Annual Event Week (2017)
   Talent show
   Sports day  

Athletic Meets

School Festival
●Extracurricular learning
・4th Grade:"Kamogawa Sea World
・5th Grade:"Yokohama"
・6th Grade:"Makuhari Seaside Park"
Koishikawa Philosophy
 ・Koishikawa Philosophy 1
      Speech contest  
●Optional foreign language classes
    "German" "French" "Chinese"
Lecture on "Impossible solid"
・"Let's study science fun
              - including photocatalyst
Pieces and group"(2020 Creator of
                the Tokyo Olympic emblem

 ●Club Activities

Almost 100% of students are in school clubs. 

Achievement · distinctive clubs

Lacrosse match

Achievement 3rd overall



Koishikawa Liberalism




SSH(Super Science High School)

Designated School(2017~2021)

Determination Exploration





●Leadership opportunities
Visit to university laboratory (3rd・
   4th・5th grade)

 (University of Tokyo Graduate School) 
 Touch the quasicrystal model
 (University of Tsukuba
              / Gakushuin University)


Fostering global human resources

("Tokyo Global 10"Designated school

Open laboratory

At "Fuji-style hole", students who get down 10 meters by ladder

Participation and winning in competitions and contests

World Convention
 Report to the principal's   Awarded gold medals
 award for gold medal                 

SKY Crew (Physical Society) RoboCup 
Nagoya (World Tournament)
   No. 3!

National Convention
Overseas language training · School excursion etc
Language training in Japan
   (2nd grade · 2 nights 3 days)
Luckily touch the koala
Overseas school trip (5th grade
   Singapore · Malaysia 5 days) 
●Student Exchange
(1)Study abroad at Tokyo Metropolitan 
        Board of Education 'Next Generation 
        Leader Development Dojo' (about 1

  ・2 students in the USA / 1 student in

(2)Studying abroad with various

  ・Studying abroad in England 1
         person and 2 USA

  "International Student Newsletter"
                     from International Students

Participated in "Kamenori Trend Junior
   High School Ambassador Program

         Students in Koishikawa who teach guitar to Grenanga students in music class
Exchange with students of Pioneer
   Junior College (Singapore).

Cambodian high school students 
   participate in Koishikawa Philosophy class

School exchange with Taipei Municipal
   Daan vocational high school

・Koishikawa-Seaton Exchange Program 
English contest / workshop etc.
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